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Governments all over the world are beginning to require that all citizens wear masks in public places to help slow the rapid spread of the virus we are seeing. Over here in the United States, the Federal Government has come out of the woodworks to publicly recommend the wearing of masks to help our country bring the spread of the virus to a screeching halt.

To help support our country and help slow the spread of the virus, we are connecting anyone and everyone in need of masks for their health and safety.

Guardian Face Masks is in partnership with multiple, highly trusted, American manufacturers that all have the sole purpose and mission of getting high quality, reusable, and washable face masks into your families and your communities.

Our team over here at Guardian Face Masks is compromised of experts in the medical, manufacturing, and community-support fields nationwide. Every single member of our team is dedicated to achieving our company goal of giving everyone the assurance that their health is our number 1 concern and being protected.

Guardian Face Masks has partnered up with a coalition of America’s Best who have taken a step back from their own businesses and shifted gears to increase protection of the health of people across the world. They have shifted into manufacturing Personal Protection Equipment on all their factory lines so that all people can get reusable items like ours to your friends and family ASAP.

From small business owners, to community leaders, we are here to help fulfill your wish of protecting the health of your employees and fellow community members.

“When we started Guardian Face Masks, we made it our team’s top priority to do whatever it takes to get a mask on the face of each and every American” – Guardian Wholesale Face Masks Team

When should you wear a mask?

  • If you are an older adult with medical conditions already present that might make you more susceptible to the virus.
  • If you are a young adult with a weaker immune system.
  • If you are wanting to train yourself not to touch your face while being out in public.
  • If you are wanting to help prevent the pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19

In a recent statement, the CDC has said they have proven that the spread of coronavirus can be slowed down by the use of a high-quality cloth face mask. Unfortunately, it is a struggle to come across any sort of protective mask at this point in time. Because of this, communities all over the country have put their heads together (while social distancing) and have been producing masks themselves. People are still in need however, and no one has been able to produce masks at a quick enough rate…UNTIL NOW!

If I Have A Mask Can I Stop Social Distancing?


According to officials in the state of California, even though wearing the masks has been proven it can help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 it should not replace the practice of social distancing and good hygiene.

Instead individuals should focus on wearing a mask in addition to the practices already in place.

Wearing a mask while also practicing social distancing will significantly help reduce the spread of the virus.

Furthermore, the same state officials have said that civilians should not be using medical or surgical masks which are desperately needed and should only be used by front-line medical staff, nurses, doctors, and surgeons.

In fact, wearing a mask out in public is a good reminder to those that we should all be practicing social distancing so that we can quickly defeat coronavirus and return to life as normal.

At first the CDC had even mentioned that healthy individuals need not worry about even wearing a mask unless they are working directly with those that have the virus.

However, as recent studies have suggested, the CDC might be looking at modifying their statement, as the use of masks has been proven to help slow the transmission since some people who have the virus don’t even know because they are asymptomatic.

I Am Worried, What If I Can’t Get A Medical-Grade Mask For Me and My Family?

State officials all over the country have come out and made statements saying that civilians do not need to worry about having medical-grade protection.

Neck gaiters, bandannas, and fabric masks are perfectly acceptable because these are coverings that are washable and able to be reused many times.

Although, it should be noted that if you can get a high-quality cloth face mask with many layers, that is always the safest option.

Furthermore, experts around the world have said that even if you have a great mask or face protection equipment, it should not be an excuse to go out and do tasks that are otherwise nonessential.

Thankfully, we are producing high-quality masks in bulk and have the ability to get masks to those who need it.

If you or someone you know is in need of face masks like ours don’t hesitate! Order some today!

How Short Is The Face Mask Supply? Is It As Bad As They’re Saying?

It honestly depends on the area you are in. Some people have access to some masks in their towns and others do not.

What we can tell you is that we are receiving multiple orders from many people and communities alike that are in dire need of masks because they can’t find some anywhere else.

The issue that most people have been running into is that the masks they’ve ordered are being made in China and there are all sorts of shipping problems that have been occurring on that end.

One of the main issues is price, China has been gouging people for masks across the world.

In fact, many nursing homes staff members and residents have found the supply to be so scarce that they have had to cut tablecloth just to make a makeshift mask because that’s all that was available.

So, the question still remains: Is the supply shortage real?

To a majority of population dense areas, it is very much real and getting worse as supplies are getting held hostage in trade ports.

Much of the US has made an outcry to start ramping up production to get face masks to those who desperately need them.

In fact, Crystal Solorzano, a nursing home administrator, has asked President Trump to invoke his power under the Defense Production Act to help accelerate production of personal protection equipment for the staff and residents of her nursing homes.

All hope is not lost, however. The Guardian Face Mask team is producing masks at the thousands every single day to combat this shortage.

We are working around the clock to help guarantee the protection of individuals health all across America by producing all these masks with incredible shipping time.

Is This An Emergency Or Is It Overblown?

For many workers and employers, they say that this is a real emergency. The unfortunate truth of many jobs is that they require close human contact on a daily basis.

This means that they are the ones most at risk of receiving the transmission of the virus from someone at work who may be asymptomatic.

The worst part about this is that unlike those in the medical field who have access to some form of facial protection, most of the working public does not currently have access to personal protection equipment.

We cannot stress how important it is to protect our essential workers and their family members from contracting COVID-1
The Coronavirus pandemic is an emergency for much of the workforce.

Employers across the country are doing whatever they can to make sure that their employees are protected and can proceed to work and put the worry of health of themselves and their families at ease.

Our team at Guardian Face Masks is helping employers nationwide get the supply of masks that they so desperately need for their employees.

Donald Trump On The Use Of Face Masks

In a White House briefing President Trump has said that he thinks individuals wearing face masks is a good idea.

He believes that the material should be thick and the thicker the better.

President Trump is actively working on ramping up production of face masks and other personal protection equipment so that the American people’s health can be taken care of.

Our Team

Everyday team members of Guardian Face Masks are waking up with the purpose to serve and protect the American people from the coronavirus pandemic. We take great pride in the production of our masks and our attention to detail is unmatched. We are so very dedicated to serving the American people during this time. We promise that your safety is our number one priority. When you order a mask from Guardian Face Masks you become a part of our family. Let us help you worry a little less by providing masks for you and your community.

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